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Java Lecture Notes

This java lecture note is a good introductory level java ebook written by Elliotte Rusty Harold. This java materials are being taught by the author at the senior undergraduate and introductory graduate level for computer science majors, and is split into 13, two hour fifteen minute classes plus a final exam.
Following are the course content of this java ebook.
Week 1: Basic Java
Week 2: Procedural Java
Week 3: Introduction to java Objects
Week 4: More java Objects
Week 5: Introducing java Applets
Week 6: Java Components
Week 7: Java Events
Week 8: Java LayoutManagers, Windows, and Dialogs
Week 9: Java Images and Menus
Week 10: Java I/O and Streams
Week 11: Java Threads
Week 12: Java Network Programming
Week 13: Cut and Paste, Printing, Future Directions
Week 14: Final Exam
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