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Java an Object First Approach - Free Ebook

This java ebook "Java An Object First Approach" provides a thorough introduction to the production of software artefacts, a process known as software development, using the programming language Java. The ebook is intended for use with readers or students starting their software development education and can also be used at a more advanced level as an Object-Oriented ebook. The author uses a spiral approach to present object-oriented concepts and techniques. The development of a class hierarchy is utilized, stressing a design, build, test cycle. An extensive case study at the conclusion of the book pulls the concepts together.
This java ebook is writen by Fintan Culwin. Following are the topics covered in this java book.
  • Two Initial Applications
  • An overview of Java classes
  • The start of the Counters class hierarchy
  • The completion of the Counters hierarchy
  • The RoomMonitor class and MoneyRegister hierarchy
  • The BasicMenu class
  • The AdaptingMenu class
  • Java Concurrent processes
  • Java Keyboard input and formatted output
  • The JulianDate Hierarchy
  • Testing Software
  • Java Streams
  • Java Standard Iterative Data Structures
  • Developer Supplied Data Structures.
  • Dynamic and recursive data structures
  • Java Graphical User Interfaces.

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